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We Know Where You Live…and We Know A Lot About You!

Posted on April 24, 2012 at 6:07 pm by Henningd No Comment

We Know Where You Live…and We Know A Lot About You! And we’re not talking about alien invaders. We’re talking about profiling. That’s right, data profilers. In today’s increasingly unlimited data sources, database profilers are gathering more and more information about consumers and businesses in efforts to market more accurately.

What exactly do we mean about database marketing? Right out of Wikipedia, we have a very good broad definition; “Database Marketing is a form of direct marketing using databases of customers or potential customers to generate personalized communications in order to promote a product or service for marketing purposes. The method of communication can be any addressable medium, as in direct marketing.”

What does that mean for you, the business owner? It means you can reach your target audience better than ever before, thus increasing your ROI on all your marketing campaigns. Who might you reach? Check out this list:

Consumer DataEmail Addresses

Contact Names

Full Address


Income Level


Presence of Children



Net Worth

Lifestyle Codes



Business DataEmail Addresses

Contact Names

Full Address

Phone Number

Employee Size

Sales Volume

SIC Code


Credit Scores

Website Address

HQ/SUB HQ/Branch


And I am not kidding, on the “SO MUCH MORE.” Just give us a call and we can help you define, find and reach out to more customers on your next marketing campaign.

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