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Print Ready PDF’s

Posted on May 8, 2012 at 8:00 am by Henningd 1 Comment

Want to send us your print ready art? Native files are always good, but “Print-ready PDF” files work great too! They have created a revolution in printing. Everything needed for high-resolution printing can be packed into one file that can be opened and printed using Adobe’s free Reader on almost any computer.

PDF’s can be created many different ways. You can use one of the many presets in Acrobat Distiller. Or if you prefer to do things yourself, here are a few suggestions.

1. All fonts used in the document should be embedded in the PDF file. This will create a larger file size, but will allow for some editing of the text if needed. The font Subsetting default is 100%. Personally, I like Subsetting fonts set to 10%.  This setting will allow all the fonts to be embedded as long as more than 10% of the “font set” is used.

2. For CMYK printing, all color in the document should be CMYK. This goes for ink colors as well as photos and illustrations.

3. Make sure that the photos and line art in the document do not have their resolution reduced (downsampled) when the PDF is created. Photos should retain their 300 dpi resolution.

4. The compression should be fine, if it’s set on automatic. You can also choose none and the photos will not be compressed when the PDF is created but, this will result in a larger PDF.

If you follow these guidelines, your PDF will work for high-resolution CMYK printing. The same PDF will also work in all the processes that require less resolution as well.

I will discuss in more detail different aspects of PDF set-ups in further blogs and white papers. Watch out for them.

As always contact me at subject line PDF creation questions, and we can discuss.


1 Comment on "Print Ready PDF’s"

  1. Leslie Carter · May 16, 2012 at 2:15 am · Reply


    I put the link to one of my senior portraits in the website field. What I’d like is your opinion on how to get my photography out to high school juniors… i mean what printed format that has blow-you-away color…?

    Leslie Carter

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