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I have worked with MIDO Printing for nearly 20 years while employed with two different companies. They are an exceptional printer in all respects. Jobs are printed quickly, accurately and most important of all, affordably. Their attention to detail is excellent and they have saved me a time or two from printing a big mistake. I would recommend MIDO Printing to everyone but my competition.

Dean LinkMetro North Newspapers

I have been working with MIDO for close to 10 years now. They have always been a trusted partner in our marketing communications. Even when other suppliers have succumbed to tough economic conditions, MIDO has weathered such storms due to their sound business practices. I know that if I have a special project, requiring the utmost attention to detail, I can trust Michelle and the group at MIDO to get it done quickly, efficiently, and accurately. They are my go-to option because they have earned my trust and I know that they will be there when I need them.

Clint CorreaThornburg Investment Management

I’ve used MIDO Printing for several years – not only for the consistently fair pricing and can-do customer service – but because they TRULY go the extra mile to ensure every job is done right. They are an extension of my limited staff, an extra set of eyes, and the sounding board for our creative projects. They say the devil is in the details and, because of this, MIDO is a great printing partner for us.

Harrison L. Hartman CoorsTek

MIDO Printing gets it. Taking care of customer needs, top quality printing results, competitive prices and great customer service — everything we’re looking for in a full service mid-sized printing company. MIDO truly cares about their clients. It’s a pleasure working with the professional and courteous staff at MIDO Printing. We especially appreciate our rep Rob Wantland. We often have extremely tight deadlines and this has never been a problem for MIDO. They will do what it takes to get the job done.

Jennifer WilsonDumb Friends League

I have worked with Rob Wantland at MIDO Printing for many years on a variety of printing projects and have always been impressed with the quality of their work. Not only is the entire staff friendly and responsive, I have found that their prepress team is extremely conscientious and diligent which is very important to me. Most of all, I appreciate Rob’s professionalism, experience and ability to exceed my expectations time and time again.

Anya McManisKreative Keystrokes, Inc.

We have been working with MIDO Printing for about 3 years now and their customer service and quality products have been outstanding. In the marketing business, we often need things “yesterday”, so it’s great to work with a flexible, positive group that does everything they can to get projects turned around as quickly as possible. They really make my life a lot easier!

Erin HecoxKing Soopers and City Market

My firm has worked with the MIDO team since 1997, and I truly consider them part of “my team.” The first job we sent to MIDO was one that other printers had told us could not be delivered on our deadline. Mido’s attitude was that they were here to make that happen. Because of MIDO, we were able to get our client on a plane to Australia with annual report in hand–and on time.

MIDO offers the best combination of cost effectiveness and quality that we’ve ever found in a printer. The quality is flawless. The turn time is based on the client need. The service is extraordinary. Additionally, MIDO is a true leader in always keeping up with–and ahead of–new technology for benefitting their customers.Whatever our need, the team at MIDO always has the best solution. They really do stand out from any of their competition.

Patricia McLaughlinMcLaughlin Marketing & PR